The Brainstorm Student Career Interests Benchmark Report

The Brainstorm Student Career Interests Benchmark Report is a comprehensive study that provides an analysis of the career interests and employer preferences of today’s university and college students as well as their feedback on the career development services provided on their campus.


The Report answers questions about how students choose specific employers, careers, and job opportunities. It also explores effective communication channels and messaging when engaging with students. And, it takes an in-depth look at how students are accessing career development opportunities and services on their campus to prepare for the workforce. 

Based on a survey of thousands of students at dozens of universities and colleges across Canada in both English and French, The Report gives students an opportunity to explain what they value in a career opportunity, who influences their career decisions, where they seek information and advice, and how they rank major employers. 

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The Employer Reports are designed to help organizations develop effective student recruitment programs and communications to attract, engage, and retain the talent they need to ensure their future business success.


The University and College Reports are customized to each school to provide them with a deeper understanding of their students' career preferences, the services they are accessing, and how to better ensure their students' academic and career success.


The survey also provides students an opportunity to describe the strengths and weaknesses of Canada's largest employers while also ranking each of them. Canada's Student Ranked Top Employers list provides a unique view of where students want to work.



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