The Employer Report

 Attract top talent on campus by making informed 

data-driven decisions with your recruiting resources.

The Brainstorm Student Career Interests Benchmark Report is a comprehensive study providing not only an analysis of the opinions and preferences of tomorrow’s workforce, but also key recommendations for how employers should use the information to enhance their engagement and brand presence on campus.


Based on a comprehensive survey of more than 13,000 current university and college students in Canada, the report will support key decisions regarding:

 • Selection of target campuses

• On & off campus student activities and events

• Key messages

• Design of internship, co-op, and leadership programs
• Composition of offers
• Employer brand communications
• Campus awareness programs
• Interactions with key influencers
• Social media engagement
• Recruitment technologies

More Than Data:  Actionable Insights and Advice

The Brainstorm Report provides accurate Canadian data that will give you the context needed to make actionable decisions specific to your business. 

Some of the Topics Explored:

Students' Employer Preferences 

Key Job Evaluation Criteria

Social Media & Job Search

Student Diversity

Career Decision Factors

Salary Expectations

Top Influencers on Career


Expectations for Advancement

Application process and hiring technologies

Unlock the Data

Every day, you are bombarded with statistics, info-graphics, and opinions from traditional media, social media, and various “experts”. Data points, charts, and graphs are only as useful as the insights that can be drawn from them.


The Brainstorm Report provides valuable, current Canadian data to support informed decisions.

Equally important, we will help you with the interpretation of the data by giving it context within past research, relevant experience, and top employer best practices.

Brainstorm’s responsibility to you is to understand the source of the information, the context in which it is provided, and the implications for your business.

Industry Experience

Brainstorm has been studying and reporting on Canadian students’ career interests in depth since 2004.


The insights and advice we share with our clients is based on extensive engagement with students and grads via surveys, focus groups, and discussion panels. It also comes from our work advising and training many of Canada’s largest employers and universities.

This experience makes Brainstorm uniquely positioned to interpret and advise employers on how student opinions have changed over time and what they can anticipate in the future.

Special Diversity Analysis

Attracting students from target diversity groups requires understanding the different career priorities,
influences, and perspectives of members of each.


The Special Diversity Analysis Reports provide employers with key insights to help them develop their programs and target their communications and activities for various diversity groups, including Visible Minorities, Indigenous Students, Students with Disabilities, and LGBTQ Students.


Student Ranked

Top Employers

Which employers do Canadian students want to work for?

Whether they learn about employers during their co-op terms, through social networks, via recruiters on campus, from their career advisors, or any other channel, students have strong opinions about Canada's top employers.

There are many different ways to rate or rank employers in Canada.

Canada's Student Ranked Top Employers are selected exclusively by the students themselves. 

The Brainstorm Report will Enable You to:

Strengthen and fine-tune your communication and branding through corporate websites,
career fairs, social media, and marketing materials to engage the right students and understand
what drives their career and employer selection

Challenge or validate your talent attraction practices and create buy-in for change among
stakeholders across your organization

Ensure alignment of your compensation and rewards models to retain top talent

Improve retention by targeting students with the right attributes, expectations, and education
to fit your organization’s corporate culture

How to Purchase the Reports

We know that students' career interests, decision-making criteria, influencers, and behaviours vary widely based on their majors, cultural backgrounds, and other factors. Similarly, employers' hiring needs vary widely.


Therefore, we have designed several different Target Reports to help employers find just the information they need. 


The 2018 Reports are available in the following 14 Target Report editions:


Majors Reports (5 versions)

  1. Undergraduate Business

  2. Engineering

  3. Computer Science

  4. Arts & Science

  5. Natural Science


Diversity Reports (6 versions)

  1. Indigenous Students

  2. Students with Disabilities

  3. Visible Minorities

  4. LGBTQ

  5. Gender Focus

  6. Comprehensive (All Groups)

Co-op & Internship Report


Communications Report


Custom Employer Brand Report

(available to select employers included in the survey, please enquire.)



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