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Make informed, data-driven decisions with your staff and resources to better meet the career development needs of your students.

The Brainstorm Student Career Interests Benchmark Report is a comprehensive study providing an analysis of the career interests and preferences of today’s students as well as their feedback on the career development services provided on their campus. The Report also looks at numerous factors affecting student retention and academic success. 

The Report helps universities and colleges by:

  • Providing the most current information about students’ interests, habits, and perceptions so that they may better align their career programs and services to increase students’ usage and engagement; and,

  • Supporting employers with information that will improve their recruitment success so that they will be able to increase their hiring and help students find a better fit with opportunities.

The 2019 edition of the Brainstorm Student Career Interests Benchmark Report was based on a comprehensive national survey of approximately 24,000 + university and college students. It was conducted in February through June of 2019.

Post-secondary institutions that assisted in promoting the survey to their students received a comprehensive custom report at no cost. Schools wishing to get involved in 2020 can register to participate using the form near the bottom of this page.  

More Than Data:  Actionable Insights and Advice

The Brainstorm Report provides accurate Canadian data that will give you the context needed to make actionable decisions specific to your institution. 

      Some of the Topics Explored:

Career Services Evaluation & Expectations

Career Goals & Aspirations

Social Media & Job Search Habits

Careers Plans and Academic Success

Job and Workplace Readiness

Influencers and Career Decision Factors

Usage of Career Services and Events

Preferred Career Resources & Websites

Employer & Industry Preferences

Unlock the Data

Every day you are bombarded with statistics,

infographics, and opinions from traditional media, social media, and various “experts.” Data points, charts, and graphs are only as useful as the insights that can be drawn from them.


The Brainstorm Report provides valuable, current Canadian data to support informed decisions.

Equally important, we will help you with the interpretaton of the data by giving it context within past research, relevant experience, and best practices of other institutions.

Students Career Interests & Preferences

As institutions invest more in building industry relationships to support their programs; provide co-op and experiential learning opportunities; and, hire their graduates, it has become increasingly important for them to understand their students' career interests and how they engage with employers.

The Brainstorm Report provides employers with key information to support their hiring programs and processes. This same information is now available to post-secondary institutions to inform how they deliver support services not only to their students, but also to their industry partners.

Industry Experience

Brainstorm has been studying and reporting on Canadian students’ career interests and post-secondary experiences in depth for almost 15 years.


The insights and advice we share with our clients is based on extensive engagement with students and grads via surveys, focus groups, and discussion panels. It also comes from our work advising and training many of Canada’s largest employers, universities and colleges.

This experience makes Brainstorm uniquely positioned to interpret and advise institutions on how student opinions have changed over time and what they can anticipate in the future.

How to Participate in the 2020 Study

Post-secondary institutions are eligible to subscribe for a free custom report in exchange for assisting in promoting the survey tool to their students at any time during the survey period. To be eligible for the custom report, we require a minimum of 250 student responses (fewer for smaller schools or faculties).

To participate in 2020 research, please complete and submit the subscription details below. We will follow up with you to provide details to share the survey with your students. Reports will be distributed in September 2020.

Register to Participate in the 2020 Study

The field period for the 2020 survey will begin in February and continue through May, 2020. To accommodate other research that may be taking place on campus, schools are able to promote the survey tool to their students at any time during that period. 


To participate in our 2020 research study, please complete and submit the subscription details below.


We will follow up with you in early 2020 to provide details to share the survey with your students. You can withdraw at any time.

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