Canada's Student-Ranked

Top Employers for 2018

We surveyed more than 19,000 post-secondary students, in English and French, on over 90 campuses across Canada to gain insights about how they view potential employers.


We received detailed survey responses, including employer ratings, from more than 13,000 of them.

We also learned about the strengths and weaknesses of each of 130 major employers.


Whether they have worked for these organizations on an internship or co-op; heard about their friends' experiences there; read about them on social media; interacted with them as customers; or, researched them online or at campus events, students have plenty to say about Canada's top employers.

Each student selected their preferred 5 employers from a list of 130 and those selections represent their "votes" for the rankings. The list is based on student's write-ins and a compilation of major employers that recruit on campuses across Canada. Each year, the list is adjusted based on student input. Because the research is national in scope, the majority of ranked employers have a national presence. 

The following rankings are based the votes of largest segment of our survey population: undergraduate university students. 



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